Financial Advisory

M&A Advisory

We help the company to go through the whole M&A process. We act as advisors since the negotiation for hiring an M&A firm up to the signature of the share transfer agreement.


Other Services


Projects and Investment Analysis
We act as a second opinion and as specialized view to projects and/or investments.

Business Plan analysis and evaluation
We act as an independent reviser of a the Business Plan.

Financial Statements Analysis
We provide an independent analysis and interpretation of Financial Statements.

Assets Divestments and negotiation
We act as negotiators on behalf of the company in projects involving assets divestments.

Market screening
We conduct initial investigations about markets, companies and sites.

ZBB (Zero Base Budgeting) - EMM (Expenses Management Matrix) Implementation & Results Governance
We supervise the implementation of the ZBB and Results Governance. In this particular service we act with a partner.

We provide a report of the value of a company, project or asset.