Interim management


Interim Management is the temporary provision of resources and abilities for an executive at the level or near the level of the Board. Generally, the projects that demand the intervention of such a professional include: transformation; change; specialization (additional competencies or resources); business improvement; crisis management and strategy development and/or implementation.

This(ese) professional(s), for a defined term or project, take over a managerial position in an organization adding (to this organization) the necessary qualifications, commitment and specialization instantly and without the limitations associated to an employment relationship. They provide consulting, planning, advice, implement and leave valuable lessons.



The value proposition of this service resides in providing a quick return on the investment (hiring cost), product of speed, competencies, objectivity, and, commitment.

The effectivity of this service relies on the following:

1) Quick start (not losing time with integration);
2) Clarity in relation to autonomy, responsibility and control;
3) Maintaining periodic follow up meetings;
4) Respect the fact that Interim managers do not (and should not) have a political agenda;
5) Accept the competencies and specialization that are brought, avoiding to be threaten by them; and
6) Accept and demand intellectual honesty (objectivity in regard to the problem and its origin).  




We implement the change in management (change management); provide specialists; fulfill functions for a defined period; and consulting with implementation (evaluation of the needs of the business, advice and proposal formulation, and implementation).

We provide services of interim management in the following functions:  CEO, Managing Director, Commercial Director (CCO), Operations Director (COO), IT Director (CIO), and Financial Director (CFO). The segments we serve are: Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, and Consumer Goods.