Wholesale & Retail Consulting


Retail is simple, based on experimentation, repetition, discipline and sweat. The simplicity of the understanding of the business, however, does not make it less challenging. Currently, various companies have adopted a multi-channel approach by looking for serving different customers. This may be done by setting up companies or different divisions under in which the different models operate. Manufacturers start operating stores to dominate distribution and the contact with end consumer or, yet, to reinforce the brand. Large retailers and wholesalers are expanding their reach by transforming themselves into larger distribution groups, operating brick and mortar stores, ecommerce or a combination of both. These distribution groups also increase the number of products and services (financial and insurance, real estate, travel etc.) offered, aiming to dilute the fixed costs and better use of the existing distribution platform (basic infrastructure and customers).


This complexity makes even more relevant the need that the following questions are addressed:

What is our value proposition?
Who are our customers (segmentation; communication)?
What are the sales channels to use?
What are the resources we need?
What is our operating model?
What is our “cost of serve”?
What to measure?



We do understand wholesale and retail and we can help those that are already operating in it and that need help to improve as well as those that are considering to enter the activity for the first time.
We can also help those that are considering or already made a decision of investing in Brazil. A local understanding may help mitigate risks and entry costs.
We offer the following services, see tables on the side:



The model that I call “Retail Fortress” is a practical way of getting to understand retail. The elements that form this model are basic and elementary, and, for that reason, easy to understand.


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