Retail fortress

The ceiling is the clarity of purpose (what we are, what we propose to deliver and to whom), or Mission, and the Vision, that is where we want to go or reach. It is a ceiling as it works as a protection against the external threats to which we are submitted daily and that put on check our conviction about what we are and how far we want to go.

The “Buying”, “Operations” and “Admin & Control” cycles are installed capabilities, or competencies, necessary to sustain the model. These capabilities are supported by the “Pricing”, “Logistics” and “Sales promotion” functions. And, finally, the interaction between “Processes” and “People” bring life, movement to the business!

“Expansion” & “New Businesses” strengthens the relationship with the customers, being two important pillars of the business.

A strict vigilance must be exercised to increase customer knowledge allowing flexibility as to the need of constantly adapt the model without losing consistency or discipline.

In Retail, the most important factors to measure are: