About Us


2B Partners was founded in 2000. It started as a portal (www.vidahospitalar.com.br) that aimed to connect suppliers with hospitals. We survived the “dot com bubble” exploring activities linked to healthcare. We sold the business and resumed as franchise operators and in parallel developed real estate projects. In 2010 we went through a reorganization focusing on advisory and consulting activities. Since then we are providing interim management and advisory board services as well as helping international companies and investors to better understand the Brazilian market.



Help individuals, investors and entrepreneurs in their decisions and in the identification of opportunities for improving their businesses. We do this by providing advice, experience and transferable competencies



Be recognized by its clients as a reliable and effective partner, worthy of their referral.




What in all this period of existence has not changed are our values: Respect for the Client, Own Performance measured, Transparency in communication, Innovation as a search process for constant improvement and Change which is the route for survival and prosperity.


It is our belief that 2B Partners exists to help its clients to optimize their businesses, what is measured by an improved financial return. We do not add complexity to what is already complex. If we judge that we are not capable of providing the necessary help we will say it before assuming any commitment. We aim to differentiate ourselves in the “delivery” and in the recognition that the value that we add must be greatly captured by the client.