The story of the magical amulet

Always when I come across an underperforming store, the first thing that comes to my mind is a story that an experienced store manager told me.

He told me that story when I asked him how he had managed to recover a historically underperforming store.
“The manager of a problematic store – low sales level, low margin, demotivated team and an insufficient number of customers – did not know anymore what to do (to change this path), and as a last resort, turned to an older, experienced and very successful store manager.

This experienced store manager gave the store manager in despair a rock that was on his table instructing him to do the following: three times a day – one in the morning, another in the early afternoon and the last one before leaving – holding the rock in your hand, get out of your office passing by the store aisles go to the goods reception, than to the customer care, than to the parking lot and do not forget to check the restrooms.
The store manager-in trouble did not understand well, but as his hopes were low, he started this routine.

 In his visits he identified lack of products that needed to be ordered to the central warehouse; answered to doubts of the team, provided orientation and listened to their suggestions; talked to customers listening to their complains and ideas; identified problems in the goods reception and their transfer to the sales area; identified lack of trolleys in the parking lot and dirty restrooms.

After three months fulfilling this routine, the store performance changed dramatically: motivated team, a growing number of customers, and increased sales. Now, happy, he went to meet again the experienced successful store manager to return his magic rock.




When they met, he told him how the amulet had marvelously worked. The experienced store manager at receiving the rock back told him: good to have my paper weigh back!”

The story moral is that there are no lucky amulets but instead be present and pay attention to the small things, to small details. Success comes from this, to do the basics well done, repeatedly, be open to listen and be available to incorporate new things! “Ears to hear and eyes to see, both are gifts from the Lord.” (Proverbs)

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