5 Permanent challenges in Retail

Despite a great progress in recent years, the following questions in retail remain constant and correctly answer to them is the big challenge for any retailer wanting to be successful.

1.    How to serve the customer more efficiently using the existing technological tools?
The challenge is to properly utilize the available technologies productively, by incorporating them in the relationship with the customer. Using it avoiding “fashionisms” and without losing the need of evaluating the cost-benefit of these technologies.

2.    How to have a broad and manageable assortment, covering the customers’ needs?
The challenge is always that of the existing assortment strengthen the business positioning and doing this without losing economies of scope and scale.

3.    How to make the customer's life easier in terms of localizing, selecting and paying for the goods?
How to better give the customer autonomy to go around inside the store, easily finding and selecting the products, and going through the checkout quickly is to continue occupying a big part of any retailer’s agenda.

4.    How to be close to the customer, helping them to make better use of their time devoted to shopping?
The theme here is offering ready-made solutions combining products and services. The challenge is that of combining complementarity with scale.
5.    How to deal with the geography, multi-format and multi-business elements without losing its essence and without dispersion (without loss of scale)?
The search for the right balance between location (where to be present), and through which formats and businesses (how to be present) are a challenge.

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