True leadership

Leadership presupposes the existence of a group and of a mission. The leader is who organizes the group so that the mission/objective is fulfilled. Companies invest a great deal of resources in developing leaders through training and exposure to projects. Leaders are necessary to “make things happen”; to materialize a plan or to recover something that is not going well. Despite the fact that a leader needs to influence a given group, a leader is not made by its position in the hierarchy.


A leader is elected by the group which in turn believes in the vision that this leader formulates and in his (or her) capacity of through the organization (of the team) extract the best possible result: the fulfilling of the mission at the lowest possible cost/effort to the individuals.


The correct posture of a leader is that of positioning himself (or herself) as a servant of the group and of the mission. The mission of a company is to conquer/create customers. In this process the company is committed to convince people that, through its products and services, their lives will be improved.


This improvement may be manifested in three dimensions:

(1) savings of time or money;
(2) well-being and health improvement; or
(3) leisure and entertainment experiences. Invariably a product or service will work in one of these dimensions.


In case the product or service is destined for other companies: item

(1) would be cost reduction/optimization or increase in productivity;
(2) risks reduction and
(3) forms of obtaining more customers or of selling more for the same customers. Important is never lose the perspective that you as a professional or a company, both exist to serve a group of individuals or companies that believe in you and in your delivery of a promise.


Thus, keep your attention on how your customers are being treated; on what has being promised in the form of products and services; on customer care and on post-sale. And never forget: the true leader is a true servant!


We learnt this from a servant-leader that based on a promise of redemption and only a team of 12, changed his world and still influences ours! “Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant” (Saint Mark)


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