Trust and Control

There are people that live in fear of being cheated and for that reason invest time and money to avoid that such fear materializes.

An environment based on distrust does not build safety or security. A practical example is our own Brazilian society, in certain way based on distrust. We are constantly called to prove that we are alive, that we are who we say we are, that our signature is ours and, yet, this society deals with scandals of corruption that only increases in size, complexity and number. In fact a “suspicious” person or society (or organization, or company) does not attract trustworthy people, or at least, does not retain them.

There is no major control than trust combined with the establishment of minimum mechanisms of control. People, at least most of them, when feel trusted, act as worthy of this trust. Surely that the control part needs existing. Not as a way of policing people but as a way of protecting them and give those that are trustworthy the possibility of not having to work with those that are not.

Simple controls involve few really important things, such as:

(1) Keep contact with people, asking them and looking for understanding their activities and projects;
(2) Establish a limited number of goals and that are achievable and manageable;
(3) Have in place an adequate record system that is updated (i.e. bookkeeping);
(4) Have in place a reporting timetable of activities, projects and their respective value; and
(5) Provide employees with tools that reduce the possibility that tasks are forgotten /not performed.

Within this spirit we have developed a managerial application - “Gestor de Atividades”/”Activities Manager” – that allows a big number of activities distributed between various different responsible both for external or internal clients be controlled. This app also allows recording punctual and recurring activities; follow up on their development as well as the possibility of sending emails. We invite all our readers to try, for 30 (thirty) days, free of charge, this app. For doing that just go to:
click on “link to the tool” that will transfer you to the registration page.


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“What I always feared has happened to me.” (Book of Job)

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