The 4 columns of a successful business!

“Love all, serve all” is the motto of a famous American restaurant chain.

Love and service are a perfect combination in any business. Love, in this context, is the concern for the well-being of the other. Service is a series of actions that are executed to promote a repeatable and consistent result. These two – love and service - are (or should be) the two columns supporting any business.

The third column of any business is the pursuit for, incessantly, provide solutions for the problems of others (potential customers). Problems for which the business has (after all this is the sole existence of a business!) competencies (abilities, talents, capabilities) to offer /provide solutions.

The fourth column is vision. Vision as: (a) perception of the environment in which is inserted; (b) clear assessment of how this environment may affect you; and (c) the identification and choosing of a direction.

Love, service, competency and vision are the correct combination over which a successful business is built!

“Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.” (Saint Paul)