9 lessons to learn from the young

A friend told me how an entrepreneur, new to their business sector, achieved something that neither him nor another, both experienced and names of reference in the sector, tried without success.

This report associated to my own experience led me to weigh about the reasons for this happening, that is, a new-comer triumphing where various others equally or more capable and more experienced did not.

This exercise led me to remember an answer given by someone when questioned how he did something. His answer was? I did not know it was impossible. Nothing more right! When observing entrepreneurs in technology (IT), in common among them, we perceive two traits: youth and joviality.

And why I do believe that a correlation between their success and their youth and joviality exist?

1)    one that has a deep knowledge about something tends to overthink in pursuit of perfection losing as a result the timing;
2)    youngsters tend to view an error as part of the learning process or, at best, as a detour or a hole in a route that do not prevent them from proceeding;
3)    Youngsters keep things simple (luckily they do not know enough to complicate  things);
4)    generally they are not afraid of asking for help;
5)    they have youth - time – in their favor;
6)    do not fear telling what they think even if obvious;
7)    they are credulous and optimistic;
8)    they are not limited by dogmas or certainties; and
9)    they are curious.

Thus if you are not that young anymore should you give good bye to success and realizations? The answer is yes! If you do not rejuvenate you will have to give good bye to realizations. Of course you will not be twentysomething anymore, nevertheless, you must experience the new as them (besides that your life experience is a shortcut making up for the time not in hand). And if a mental change is achieved, chances of success increase. And with the additional advantage of experience (we must have learned something!) in dealing with people and emotions!

Thus, if you do not have young kids, try making a friend of a youngster and learn from him!

"The glory of young men is their [physical] strength, and the honor of aged men is their gray head [representing wisdom and experience]." (Book of Proverbs)