10 tips to sell services to big retailers

Retailers are curious and competitive dealers. It means that every interaction or engagement will be based on trade and exchange. Curiosity is what stimulates the retailer to pose questions, with the aim of extracting information that may be eventually used to “bargain” on. Competitiveness is another characteristic necessary in the environment it lives. Thus, measuring and comparison are always present in all phases of the discussions.

Once this basis of engagement is understood, herewith you will find 10 tips that will help you improve your selling process to this industry:

1.    Retailers will welcome you if you have something interesting to show; or because of the brand you represent or, yet, if you have as a customer a "reference" in the industry!
2.    Retailers use these interactions as a learning opportunity!
3.    Retailers are not transparent! (Remember the “dealer” characteristic)
At the negotiating table" sales are invariably growing double-digit and profits triple digits! Their company is structured and receives weekly proposals from investment funds!
Except if you are already a supplier and your price and conditions are under review!
4.    Retailers have had previous experience that left “scars”!" Hence they are suspicious!
5.    Retailers will test your real interest in developing a relationship!
Be available! "Give them (for free) something of value!”
Retailers are observant! (They are measuring you, after all they buy you!)
6.    Retailers are generalists, not specialists - avoid technical jargons or Anglicisms! Be clear; make room for them to understand!
Retailers suffer from DAS: Deficit Attention Syndrome! If you cannot engage them in a discussion, the meeting will be interrupted by secretary bringing problems or incidents that require their intervention, therefore ending the meeting, that will be rescheduled in the future (not a chance!).
7.    Retailers are afraid of the "lion" (animal representing the tax collector in Brazil)!
8.    Correct posture: the potential customer (retailer) is already very good and you have knowledge to help extracting “more value"! They respect those who understand the industry even if not specifically their company! Their company is different!
9.    Never say: "I need to better understand your problem!!!” The real problem is that they do not know how to state the problem! After all, retailers are always busy trying to well serve and increase their share of wallet with their customers while looking for new customers!
10.    Do not sell large projects! Start small! Target Quick wins! Use Try & Buy (before purchase) or Risk sharing (compensation based on success)! This is the language that retailers appreciate! Selling to the number 1 and deliver with the internal team! Beware of the "school bus"! Often consulting firms have their partners selling the services, but the delivery – provision of the service - is made by an inexperienced team. Of course, economic reality rules, however, one should be careful in selecting the team. Store that is going through a remodeling or refurbishment wants to "hide" it! Hence, deliver without being seen! Ideally, the consulting firm must be discreet, if possible performing their activities outside the client’s office. The lesser the noise the better!

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