4 reactions when dealing with an arrogant

Recently I have faced an arrogant. Finding this sort of professional is not uncommon in the corporate environment. I have to confess, however, that there was a long time since I have met someone like this one.

Invited us over to a meeting and began to impose his conditions, wanting to “corner” us and did not care to listen. His objective was that of either getting us to agree with him satisfying his conditions or capitulate in view of his threats implicit in his speech.

And so is, as the arrogant assumes and expresses in his behavior the belief that he is better, cleverer and more important than the other people. The arrogant is full of himself and deaf! He loves the sound of his voice. And the source of his weakness and the reason why he is not a good negotiator resides in the fact that he underestimates the counterpart.Dealing with this sort of people is tiresome and, depending on the existing type of relationship, stressing. The reactions to this individual may be:

(1)   Pure and simple confrontation;

The problem with this option is that of creating a declared enemy. Additionally, you will end up with a problem with the company due to the individual that is, for now, representing it.

(2)   Hear without listening (the famous " It goes in on ear and out the other");

The problem with this option is that if you do not pay attention the situation can be aggravated against you.

(3)   Pure and simple ignorance; or Ignoring is a possibility, nevertheless, again, an enemy is made and a problem with the company the guy represents is created.

(4)    "Give him rope" and wait for him to hang himself.

Once the ambush and lack of dialog are identified, best is to pay as much attention you can, take notes and register everything and let the guy raise the most possible crazy proposal. That kind of business proposal that will be easily refused by your superiors or partners. The goal is that of making the proposal or request impossible to be attended. And if your diagnostic of the arrogant was well done, this will not be a problem! This action will either give you room to refuse without losing face and to scale up the discussion in the organization.

I have opted for the latter, seasoned with the subtlety of my region (Minas Gerais). That is to look inoffensive and let him continue underestimating us.

This meeting made me consider about how dangerous, costly and disastrous to be presumptuous, vain.

Important is that we “scan” ourselves, evaluating and testing our level of vanity to check if it has reached the arrogance level.

The test is relatively easy. In case you are speaking more than listening, thinking that everyone you engage are inferior or less capable, and, yet, looking from above to everyone and not at the height of the eyes there is a good chance that you have already became an arrogant!

“Pride goes before destruction and haughtiness before a fall.” (Book of Proverbs)

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