Management tools

Management tools

We believe that knowledge and experience associated with technology may generate applications that greatly help manage a business.
Based on this belief we are making available simple apps developed and conceptually tested along many years in our professional lives.

The available apps are:

Cash flow (CF) -

After registering suppliers, cost centers and  entry types, one may obtain a Cash Flow report per period as well as a Payments report or yet Accounts Payable per supplier. This app targets, mainly, startups, small and medium size companies, professionals or individuals.

Activities Manager (GA) -

It is an app that allows a big number of activities distributed between various different responsible both for external or internal clients be controlled. This app also allows recording punctual and recurring activities; follow up on their development as well as the possibility of sending emails.


CRM (CRM) -  

The application allows managing the contact (interaction) with both customers and prospects. The register may be in 4 categories: active customers, delinquent customers, inactive customers and prospects. The functionalities involve the registry of all contacts made between the company and its customers; tasks scheduling. It also allows, manage events (planned activity involving participants either clients or prospects), being possible to control who was invited, who confirmed presence and who really attended. Available, also, through specific development, set up a customer relationship area on a “website” where customers may update their data, enroll in events, make requests that are sent to the responsible for the CRM. These requests are available on the dashboard as unanswered messages. An association that already uses this app is enjoying it given its simplicity and easy to use..


Budget (PO)

It is an app that allows following up budgeted against actual results. It is flexible enough to allow defining the Income Statement the way it is better understood.


Apps in development are

Investment Proposal (PI)

It is an app that helps companies to elaborate and evaluate their investment proposals

Internal Audit System (SAI)

It is a complete app that allows planning, report issuance, recommendations, action plans and controlling the hours spent per job.


In case you are interested test it, free of charge and hassle, for up to 30 (days), or send us an email containing contact and app of interest that we will get back to you as soon as possible:

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